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International Folk
Dance Group

Rainmakers is a friendly club for all. We enjoy folk dances of all styles from many countries around the world. We meet most Fridays (but not Christmas and August) in the Wilbury Hall at St Thomas' Church, Bedford Road, SG6 4DU, from 8 to 10 pm.

We dance a huge variety of dances: in lines or circles, couples or sets of many formations; fast or slow; easy or complicated. The music is wonderfully varied to match. Countries whose dances are in the repertoire include Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Israel, Japan, Sweden, France, Hungary, New Zealand, Italy, India, Spain, Holland, England and many more. There is something for all tastes.

Newcomers are more than welcome, and will be helped through the easier dances. They will soon surprise themselves as to what they can do. As their experience grows, they will be challenged by the more complicated dances and, with existing members, will learn new dances introduced to the club. Rainmakers have done many public displays, and members can choose to show off their new found dancing skills if they wish.

You do not need a partner. Many dances are danced by individuals together in a group. We all mix up for the partner dances. All are welcome, though youngsters should be at least 16. Several members are in their seventies. Some of our members have been dancing for over 30 years, while some joined the club last week.

There are many dance activities beyond Friday club nights. The club runs a day course each year and visiting teachers come to some club nights. A particularly worthwhile activity is the programme of displays in old peoples' homes. The (national) Society for International Folk Dance organises a dance every month in London, as well as various annual festivals around the country: the Eastbourne Festival in early May is popular with club members. Some people get especially interested in the costumes and folk cultures, and some in the music, perhaps joining a band.

Rainmakers was founded in 1976 and is run by an elected Committee. The weekly attendance fees are currently zero, with an annual subscription of £10.

Contacts for further information
Mark 01462 454210
Jill 01462 457791

If you are interested, just come along and join in. We dress very casually, and most people wear comfortable shoes with smooth soles. We would love to see you.

February 2022